About Us

Primecity Services Private Limited is India’s best Consumer Services Company.
Primecity runs Best One, India’s best local search engine.

Bestone is India's Best Local Search engine, That provides local search related services to users across India through multiple platforms such as website, mobile website, Apps. Our main objective is to provide at least 9000+ self-employment in India. We need to show quality results to every single user. We need to help each and every person to develop their business. We need to show the right path to those who have good perseverance.

We strive to provide the customer with accurate information on where to find quality products. Even in every small village we can provide the best results. We help small businesses to grow their business.

You can find out the information you need by opening the app or website .Otherwise you can call our toll free number 1800 891 3346 or call to our customer service number 99888 22888 and get the results you want. Our main goal is to provide quality service to everyone.

LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE : India's best local search engine! Best results for your search.

SELF EMPLOYMENT : We create number of self employment and fulfill their goals.

INNOVATIVE IDEAS : Our Directors and Employees are have Innovative Ideas. It's Helps more.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT : We are support for your business growth and increase your revenue.

BUSINESS PARTNER : Our Business Partners are reached their goals as early.

APPLICATION : We have updated with new mobile and web applications.

We happy to know you our target is create 3000+ self employees!

PARTNER WITH US : Entrepreneurs who think they have a dream to grow big and have the passion and the capability to pursue the journey towards their dream.

EMPLOYEE TO ENTREPRENEUR : Those who dream of starting their own buisness.

  • No Limits to your Career Growth
  • Extend your working life with your own business
  • Opportunity to create a legacy for your future generations

WE ARE 100% COMMITTED : To help and support you to generate more revenue

  • Training on all tech platforms & softwares for smooth operation
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Seminars & Events

India's Best Local Search Engine - Bestone